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    HPH NT-N8 RK3229 Custom Nougat ROM v1.5 02-09-2018

    Changelog v1.5 02-09-2018

    Bluetooth: fix for bt can't connect back
    Hide Onscreen keyboard if using an airmouse
    - Go to Settings - Keyboard - Current Keyboard - and change to Null Keyboard
    Fix Enter key in Chrome, Google Play and other apps
    New Recent apps menu
    - Long press back key on ir remote or airmouse to close all apps
    - Long press OK to close selected window
    Fix Krack vulnerability
    Fix Spotify radio, artist menus that didn't work
    Fix Nova Launcher couldn't work
    Add support for VirtualXposed
    - https://github.com/android-hacker/Vi...sed_0.14.0.apk
    Updated apps
    Updated codecs

    Link: Here
    Pass: nagrace

    Flash Tool(AndroidTool v2.52):Here
    (unzip with 7zip tool - http://www.7-zip.org/download.html)

    Changelog v1.4 04-07-2018

    - Fixed Youtube Playback
    - New Codecs
    - Removed long press back button for mouse mode is it activates accidentally
    - Updated apps

    Changelog v1.3 06-06-2018

    - Add support for VC1 video playback in Kodi 18
    - Add high bitrate FLAC Audio Playback support
    - Spoof ethernet as wifi.
    (Games like Asphalt 8 can now be run over ethernet, it's a bit slow to test, probably because of a 1.6GB download)
    If someone knows of other apps that that don't run over ethernet, please list so they can be tested.
    - Hide HDMI
    I don't have any accounts for Skygo or others to test.
    Please list any free apps to test, if it's still not working, I'll try something else.

    Changelog v1.2a 15-05-2018

    - Add 10-Bit H264 L5.1/5.2 video playback and include custom Kodi 18 to play it - Enjoy all your anime!
    (Check that auto frame-rate switching is turned on)
    - Add lots of remotes support
    - Fix some apps not appearing in Google Play Store
    - Dual launcher, HPHLauncher and RKTVLauncher

    Based on Kodi 18 20180513 source code
    - with h264 blacklist removed
    - removed the new whitelist frame-rate switching since it's completely broken and untested on Android.
    - no other code added or removed

    Changelog v1.2

    Wireguard Secure VPN support

    MXPlayer v1.9.18
    Enable 10-bit h264 codec in HW+ Codecs to use it.
    Useful if playing anime or other 10-bit videos.
    MXPlayer from the Play Store doesn't support 10-bit h264, so don't install that one.

    New MediaCenter v3.2.3
    - no scans when playing video
    - fix UI error when playing video with 4:3 or original size,
    - add REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES permission when installing apk
    - adjust pip window size
    - fix error when opening Mediacenter under PIP mode from launcher
    - add ISOManager and subtitle select features
    - fix ui error in pip mode with subtitles
    - add 3d Mode interface
    - add airmouse seek feature
    - add video scale features
    - fix bug of mouse control
    - adapt for ATV (removed ATV icon to work on non AndroidTV firmware, in AndroidTV Oreo, I will add it again)
    - fix error when playing video then doing sleep and wake up operations
    - fix error of storing video position information
    - make Mediacenter store the position when playing music
    - fix error when playing music
    - fix playing music through DLAN and pressing the home key, music can not be stopped
    - add a feature to detect media status by self, if it is playing video then stop scanning

    Google Apps updated
    Latest video Codecs, improve video playback
    New bootanimation
    Add long press back button to use mouse mode
    PIE Executable files can run

    Changelog v1.1

    - Fixes Bluetooth
    - Faster app install time
    - Improve EMMC I/O performance
    - Video playback improvements
    - Add-free Youtube, disable Youtube update in Google Play Store

    To play 4K@50/60hz video, you need to use RKMC and buy a HDMI v2.0 4K cable.

    To play 4K@24/25/30hz, you can use Kodi 18 nightly arm version and enable the 2 settings for auto frame-rate(under Video and Display) and set the delay to 2.5 seconds under Display. A normal HDMI v1.4 cable is able to play 4K@24/25/30hz video.

    Changelog v1.0

    Update DLNA application, UI optimization problems
    Update Media Center app version to 3.0.4
    -Fix gif picture loopback flashback issue,
    Repair network equipment refresh process;
    Resolve network status changes with high cpu usage;
    Fix the problem of unable to play in full screen with navigation bar;
    Repair pip function.
    Fix otg usb port to be used for USB devices
    Fixed non-English crash problem;
    Fix the mouse to wake up when standby;
    - Repair data partition is filled system null pointer abnormalities;
    - Update sdboot function, support sparse firmware;
    - Repair rotating screen;
    - fix cvbs display under the Huaping problem;
    - Add support for inserting U disk automatically recognize upgrade function;
    - Repair nand device can not upgrade loader problem;
    - Add backup recovery feature support.
    ethernet - Internal Ethernet PHY long cable compatibility problem optimization;
    Fix green stripes on certain 4k videos playing under 4K 60 display
    Solve Kodi can not play 4k ts format video problem
    4. Add CEC wake up function, that is, CEC TV can wake up the box
    Settings: - Display: Add cec switch,
    Show advanced settings BCSH interface Add cold, warm, sharp and reset options
    Update AndroidTool to v2.42
    Fix some TV boot flash purple screen problem
    Repair lightning browser focus
    Repair recovery, mali timeout stuck problem
    Optimize kodi17/18 4k playback fluency
    Repair Kodi, Youtube can not play 4K video problem
    Add Hdmi CEC-related functions, such as standby / wake-up synchronization, auto switch
    Update the video library version to fix video playback issues
    Fix Kodi 18 4K video playback
    Fix Kodi 18 frame-rate switching
    Fix RKMC video playback
    Improve deinterlacing
    Add AC3 support for MediaCenter
    Fix MediaCenter spelling mistakes
    Add Navigation bar with hide and power off
    Fix Hotspot spelling mistake
    Add weather support for launcher
    Super fast
    Onscreen keyboard improvements
    - Disabled annoying key clicking sound by default (enable the sound in Android Input Settings under the keyboard if needed again)
    Write to external storage
    (Torrent, download apps can write anywhere)
    Improved ad-blocking in browsers
    Add new shutdown menu
    (Long press power button to restart, sleep or shutdown, short press to just sleep)
    Improve SPDIF/HDMI HD Audio
    Add Google apps
    Fix Amazon Prime Video playback
    Fix C*nal+, Mol*tovTV, DST* Now, Sh*wmax streaming apps
    Add Clear all button in recent apps
    Increased volume steps for more accurate volume changes
    Exfat, BTRFS, NTFS file support
    Add SystemUI Tuner support to modify notification bar
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    Instructions for flashing new firmware

    Before Installation
    - Make sure USB Power saving mode is disabled for the USB Port you use to flash the device on your PC.
    (not needed but better to disable it to prevent problems)
    - Use a PC Back USB Port and not ones from the front or a laptop that have less power.
    - Pause Antivirus software for 10 minutes to not interfere with the flashing or cause high disk usage.
    - Make sure device was connected to PC before in flash mode and drivers were installed To Install the drivers
    1. If flashing for the first time, you need to install the drivers with DriverInstall.exe
    2. If you recently upgraded your operating system to Windows 8.1 or higher, it's also a good idea to install the latest drivers.
    3. Let your PC recognize the device and automatically install the drivers
    - Hold a paperclip into the reset hole of the device, keep holding then
    - Connect the device with the OTG USB Port and USB-USB male cable to some back USB port on your PC.
    - Now connect the power cable to the tv box(must be powered, live) You will hear a 'click sound' that Windows has now recognized the USB device.
    - It will ask to install the drivers or install it automatically.

    Flashing the ROM
    1. Open AndroidTool v2.52 and connect the tv box to your PC.
    - Hold a paperclip into the reset hole of the device, keep holding then
    - Connect the device with the OTG USB Port and USB-USB male cable to some back USB port on your PC.
    - Now connect the cable from the power adapter to the tv box(must be powered from wall socket, live) You will hear a 'click sound' that Windows has now recognized the tv box. AndroidTool will also shoe 'RKloader found' message to say device is ready to be flashed.
    2. Select 'Upgrade Firmware' in AndroidTool v2.52(Second tab)
    3. Click on the 'Firmware' button to load the firmware(update.img that you extracted from the 7zip compressed file)
    4. Click 'Upgrade' to flash the new firmware.
    5. Wait about 7 minutes after flashing and before unplugging device for firmware to settle.
    6. Disconnect from your PC and connect to TV.


    To enable auto frame-rate switching, change to 'on start/stop' under Video Settings and under Display set the delay to 2.0 seconds, Expert Settings need to be enabled.
    Use RKMC instead if you play 4K@50/60hz, otherwise Kodi 18 works better.
    You also need to enable the whitelist resolutions under System - Display now for auto frame-rate switching to work.

    Don't use Kodi 17 from the Play Store as it is several months outdated, buggy and don't have the fix for 4K GUI menus showing properly or mouse pointer working in 4K resolution.

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