HPH RK3288 Custom Lollipop ROM

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    HPH RK3288 Lollipop ROM v1.12 (28-08-2017)

    - Superspeed ROM
    - lcdc:fix boot color not same
    - devices:close radical_update
    - devices:fix init
    - driver:fix queue file
    - dts: modify Voltage value for sdcard
    - stagefright Fix HEVC in MKV for most clips
    - rga2 correct BGRA stride
    - rockchip: hdmi: fix LS49AL88A92 4K mode
    - rockchip: hdmi: fix parse 1st block edid
    - lvds/rgb: fix rgb output when have no lvds_format
    - IEP: re-caculate the uv address when 4k video input in iommu enable case
    - hdmi: v2: phy support clk 59.4MHz
    - hdmiv1: fix no sound/noise problem
    - hdmi: fix HDMI CTS HF1-33
    - hdmi: yuv420 resolution retain 4K 50/60H
    - hdmi: fix current color mode and depth info
    - hdmi: modify wrong phy freq of 4k@60hz(yuv420)10bit
    - hdmi: avoid endless loop when i2cm write abnormal
    - rk3288: apll frequency up to 816M, speed up boot time
    - fix Haier LS49AL88A92 4K 60/50 mode
    - hdmi: select similar mode if sink does't support preset mode
    - Remove ads
    - Youtube ad-free
    - Better gamepad support
    - New RKMC Kodi
    - Disabled onscreen keyboard sounds and changed highlighted key to blue

    Download Link:Here
    Pass: nagrace

    - Uses auto resolution by default
    - Updated apps
    - General stability, compatibility improvements

    - Fix sound playing on both speakers and bluetooth at the same time to only play via bluetooth
    - Fix the SPDIF Pass-through(Please test)
    - Add sleep mode - Long press power button to choose Sleep or short press power button to go to sleep
    - Improve the Time Localization
    - Improve the Unroot method
    - Fix some wireless remotes not showing the software keyboard
    - Add-free Youtube Playback(Please disable auto update for Youtube in Google Play Store)
    - Updated apps

    - Build from scratch
    - Pass-through should work now
    - Latest apps
    - New NTMC

    - Default Resolution 1080p
    If wanting to use 720p as default, please use v1.8 firmware or if your display only support 720p.
    - Auto frame-rate switching fixed
    - More streaming apps that complained about root should work now
    - Passthrough changes, please test if it works now, otherwise I'll rebuild firmware completely again.
    Post Kodi 17 beta 7 logs if there is a problem, it will show all the pass-through capabilities present in the firmware.
    NTMC should still work the best or users can try FTMC instead.

    - Fix the Google Play problem
    - Improve video playback
    - Latest codecs and video framework
    - Updated launcher
    - App Market included
    - Fixed Netflix audio out of sync(still to test)
    - New Xbox Xpad driver, more compatible gamepads should work
    - Fix resolution problem after boot

    - Fixed Pink screen on boot on some setups
    - Interlaced content can now be played in NTMC
    Only tested local video playback
    Please test Live TV PVR addons with 576i/1080i streams
    - New Codecs
    - Display Options - Auto Frame-rate switching
    Please experiment with the 2 settings in different video players.

    For Netflix
    Please test with:
    Screen resolution - 1920x1080p@24hz
    Display Options - Auto frame-rate - Video resolution priority

    - Hide battery menu and notification icon
    - Fix system stutter cased by USB audio devices
    - Remote - Solve the issues of some remote controllers cannot continuously press
    - Change bluetooth name to HPH_NT-V6
    - Long press menu button to hide/unhide statusbar
    - Animations turned off
    - Some pre-installed apps removed and replaced by better apps, file manager, gallery etc.
    - Removed smspush app to free around 30MB memory usage
    - New Google apps
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