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    LibreELEC is a Linux Kodi OS.
    It uses the latest Linux drivers and Kodi base to provide a superior video playback experience with support for PVR addons and DVB tuner support.

    Instructions to run it

    1. Connect a micro-sd card with a card reader to your PC.
    2. Make sure the micro+sd card is formatted, right click on the drive letter in My Computer and choose format, try Fat32.
    3. Download the LibreELEC image and unzip the gz file with 7zip so you are left with a .img file.
    4. Use Etcher app( to load the image and flash it to the micro-sd card.
    5. When it completes, insert the micro-sd card into your tv box that is turned off.
    6. When turning it on, it will boot to LibreELEC.
    7. To use Android normally, just remove the micro-sd card and insert and reboot when wanting to run LibreELEC.

    Change Display resolution to 1080p if using a 4K tv, it will help to speed things up.
    Videos will still play in 4K.

    - Supports mpeg2, h264, h265, vp9 hardware decoding
    - Supports deinterlacing for h264, mpeg2
    - HDR Support
    - PVR support
    - IR Remote Support
    - Blue LED Fix

    Download Link:!RZ8FwDbD!_IMXpZ8ApVg8b9jtb7Th7c8tk8c-fKvdUoL4M5_J9X8

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